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Workmen / Employee Compensation Insurance

The Workmen/Employee Compensation Insurance provides for payment of compensation to Employer on behalf of its employees in case of accidental injury to at workplace arising out of and in the course of employment and resulting in death or disablement.

Workmen compensation claims are for accidents within work premises and during working hours
It also covers direct travel of employees from office to home and vice-versa
At the time of injury, workman must have been engaged in the business of the employer and must not be doing something for his personal benefit
Employer and employee relationship is an important prerequisite for issuance of workmen compensation (WC) / employee compensation (EC) policy

Basic Covers Include Accidental Death, Permanent Total Or Partial Disability And Temporary Total Disability

Occupational Disease

Occupational Diseases covers those diseases that are specified under Schedule III of Workmen or Employee Compensation Act. It covers those disease which arise due to nature of occupation Ex. disease caused by use of toxic compounds

Compressed Air Disease

  Compressed air disease is one of the occupational illnesses covered under workmen compensation policy. It is a sickness attributed to the working environments where air pressure may be higher or lower than the normal surface air pressure. Ex. Underground or underwater works

Contractor / Sub-Contractor And Their Employees Can Be covered Under This Coverage.

Contractor / Sub-contractor and their employees can be covered under this coverage.

Terrorism Cover

 Any injury on account of terrorist activity within workplace is covered.

Any Injury On Account Of Terrorist Activity Within Workplace Is Covered.

 If the insured has more than 1 risk locations (operating branches / Locations or factories) across the country, PAN India coverage enables employer to take a single insurance policy to cover its employees in all the branches.


Medical Expenses (Per Employee Limit)

Medical extension covers reasonable medical surgical and hospital expenses incurred by the Insured in connection with any case of injury of employee, if hospitalisation is for more than 24 hours.


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